Silver Wolf Healings

About Me

My Dark Days

I came to the healing arts after suffering a health crisis which ultimately forced me to retreat from the world and recover or give up.I found myself facing many fearful situations and very dark times yet I persevered and overcame. I began to understand that my body was more resilient than I had come to believe. I also realized I had to find a healthier balance in my life and change the way I thought.

My Healing Journey

 I was drawn toward Algonquin Shamanism after experiencing peace as well as non-judgmental and compassionate love within an open healing circle offered by Pete Bernard. Little did I know that Shamanic healing would quite literally change reality for me. As I gained personal mastery and healed long-held emotional wounds I began to gain control over what affected me. I learned how to change and heal myself so that I could become who I should have been, rather than the persona my beliefs, wounds and karma had imposed on me. I discovered happiness and personal satisfaction also came from helping others heal. I have supplemented my Shamanic coursework with other forms of healing and have established friendships with fellow healers, many of whom have turned to me for help in healing their own wounds and life issues.

I continue to work to clear away obstacles and unhealthy patterns so that I can again open myself to receive such blissful communion.

I have facilitated gentle and effective healing sessions for hundreds of clients in need who are open to receiving healings. Many clients improve dramatically or find their lives less burdensome, often as a result of one session. Most sense their energy lightened and feel at peace after a session. It is rare for clients to feel no change and have no experiences but I trust they received what they needed in the healing. See examples of client feedback on my Services page.

Blessings, Andrew