Silver Wolf Healings


How Does This Healing Work?

"With our thoughts we create our world" is a quote attributed to the Buddha. Recent scientific discovery has determined that our universe, our world and our bodies are all made of shared energy interacting in intricate ways. Research into prayer, meditation as well as mind-body connection has demonstrated that when we shift our beliefs about our bodies and our world, we can change the reality of our lives. And the science of quantum physics has found that observation, the act of bringing focused intent towards something, can bring about a transition from possible to actual state. If thoughts are a form of energy then the Buddha was simply leading us toward a truth that we can think ourselves into illness and back into health. 

How does this work? It is all quite wonderfully mysterious to me but over and over I have found that when I set the intention for a healed outcome for a client and connect them with a morphic field of beliefs using Shamanic ceremonies, this allows the client to experience positive changes in their life. Even more amazingly, this can be done either directly working with the client in-person or by my working with the client's energetic self.

Typical Healing Sessions

Spiritual healing and energetic medicine sessions are 60 minutes to 90 minutes at a cost of $100 (HS Tax included). For those of you who are drawn to my site while seeking healing but are cautiously doubtful I offer an half-session aura cleansing and chakra re-balancing for $50. This is done interconnectedly so that you receive the benefits of the clearing without having to visit in person.

For those preparing for significant change in their lives (e.g., divorce, job change) I offer The Lightening which is a deeply healing ceremony that takes 1.5 hours and helps clear out old patterns and free you to ease into new situations in your life. If you are interested in continuing we would carry out follow-on sessions with more intensive healing of deeply rooted issues or woundings that may be holding you back. For those who just want to relax I offer deeply cleansing (fully clothed) massages either using the traditional egg for light and delicate contact, or with special detoxifying stones to remove deeply rooted negative energies.

At a minimum you should feel a sense of peace as I do ceremony with you -- it removes the accumulated toxic burdens you carry giving you freedom to make changes in your life. My sessions involve Shamanic cleansing, journeying and altered states of consciousness based on ceremonies in the Algonquin Shamanic tradition as taught by Pete Bernard in his 8th Fire School of Algonquin Healing Arts and Shamanism.

I also am trained in these healing practices:

    • Studying Angel Fire for powerful healing of issues (physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual)
    • Core issue healing using 3rd Level Reiki or Quantum Shamanic Reiki
    • Crystal healing using one or more of a wide selection of beautiful crystals
    • Sound healing with magnificent crystal singing bowls accompanied by a grounding gong

Shamanic Ceremonies

AURA CLEANSING AND CHAKRA CLEANSING & REPAIR: A general tone up of your total energetic system. This is a shorter version of the Lightening of the Energy Body ceremony described below and is done as a basic component of all session work.

CORRECTION AND ATTUNEMENT: General wide ranging correction of a list of standard issues most of us stumble over. 

STONE SESSIONS: A basic component of almost every Shamanic ceremony includes the use of a stone selected from Andrew's Medicine Bundle. These energetic powerhouses track and help to release emotional patterns from the client's body. What is unique to Algonquin healing is the ability to remove the client's affinity to a pattern so they will not recreate the same issue over and over throughout their life.

SHAMANIC JOURNEYING: Most ceremonies involve guiding the client through an internal journey to heal issues in their their Lower, Middle or Upper Worlds. These are roughly equivalent to the client's sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious worlds. 90% of the client's reality is controlled by what goes on in their Lower World so Lower world journeying to heal issues there results in powerful improvements in how they deal with their life situations. Upper World journeying allows the healing of karma thereby removing strong negative influences in the client's existence.


    • Power Retrieval journey - heal your resistance to healing, negotiate with an Inner Saboteur to gain its support, and ultimately reclaim all of your power that  you gave away to people, events, and situations.
    • The Gathering - by journeying into your deepest subconscious realm, you get to review any wounded contracts you may have made unconsciously out of pain and heal them.
    • Power Animal/Totem journey - meet and integrate the power animal that has been tracking you so as to offer you its gifts, talents and abilities so that a neglected aspect of your soul can be nourished.
    • Inter-dimensional journey - travel to a parallel dimension to meet, learn from and merge with another aspect of yourself who has successfully solved the problems you face and/or healed from the illness you face.
    • Journey to meet your Spirit Guide -  journey to your Upper World to find your true Spirit Guide, assigned to you for this lifetime to offer you wisdom and guidance from the higher realms.
    • Journey to meet your Authentic Self -  journey to your Upper World to meet  and get advice from your Authentic Self, the part of you that has never been touched by time, space, karma, pain or suffering.
    • Past Life Journey -  return to the events and emotions of past lives in which you established karma that is negatively affecting this life time; heal this karma to achieve forgiveness and peace.
    • Removal of Sorcery - in this journey Andrew visits an ancient place of power to identify if the client has been subjected to sorcery then can remove the event from the client's body.
    • Physical Healing - in this journey Andrew visits a place of healing to carry out any healing he feels is appropriate to assist the client in progressing toward a healthy state.
    • Lightening the Energy Body - before any major change in you life it is good to cleanse your energy body of old issues, wounds and heavy energies; this is good before a divorce, a change in jobs, etc.
    • Cleansing of Space - Andrew visits your home to do an extensive ceremony that cleanses your space from the lowest level up, ensuring that any entities, intruders or heavy energies are removed. 
    • Destiny Work - discover your destiny and shift yourself from living a wounded reality to living a purposeful and passionate destiny. Note that this journey requires extensive prior ceremonies and healing.
    • Butterfly Healing - amazingly gentle yet powerful identification and healing of core issues.


EXTRACTIONS: Energies such as fear, envy, anger, jealousy, and hatred can penetrate your energy body and become toxic. If your energy body cannot process and release these toxic energies then they should be extracted otherwise the energies can become hardened and can feel like the pain of a dagger or knife or some other foreign object in your body. Such extractions can offer immediate release from long-term pain. 

CUTTING OF EMOTIONAL & ENERGETIC CORDS: It is possible for any given person to have emotional or energetic cords or bindings on or in them, in their energy field and attached to their physical body. These can represent emotional attachments to people, places, or things, and/or addictions to certain kind of experiences. They can prevent a person from moving forward in their life or not having as much energy as they could. Their removal can result in more energy and a renewed sense of freedom.

Client Feedback

Andrew likes to receive reports back from clients so he can provide further advice or to just keep in touch. It is nice to hear his services have been of value.

After the ceremonial clearing of a client's home he received this e-mail: "Thank you so much for all of your help. When I walked in it felt very high vibrational here. It feels really good everywhere now.  I'm sure I will sleep better."

After an interconnected Butterfly ceremony the client responded with: "Wow! Such power with such a gentle touch to it. Yes, this hit to the spot. It is what I have been praying for. Thanks."

Another client thrilled with the change: "WOW! WOW! WOW! You are pretty accurate for sure. What you are picking up is in sync with what I resonate with. This session is HUGE! Huge shifts today. Much love, gratitude and blessings to you."

One client whose medical training made it difficult to believe in her healing when trying in-person sessions responded more favorably to Andrew's interconnected session: "Hi Andrew,I am feeling good, much more stable than before. ... I feel happier and more at peace. The ceremonies that you did helped a lot. I guess, since I wasn't watching then I couldn't resist. ... Please continue to do ceremonies for me anytime you can, I appreciate that!" 

A mother of a pre-teen asked that I work on her daughter, with the girl's consent. The girl had undergone a dramatic personality shift as a result of recent changes in family circumstances. I performed one solo-interconnect Shamanic session of several ceremonies, removed some emotional thought forms, corrected some imbalances, did a general cleansing of the child's aura and repaired one chakra. I intended to follow-up with more sessions but never felt compelled to do so. A few weeks later, when I met the mother, she passed me the dearest note that indicated that my one session had given her back the sweet young girl that had been lost for a time.

I participated for the first time as a healer at Ottawa's Cosmic Pathways Healing Fair June 19th, 2011. The positive energy of this event was incredible. Each of the 15 clients I served felt peaceful restorative healing in their 20 minute sessions. My heart soared as we hugged and they walked back into the center of the Glebe CC with blissful smiles. 

A partner of a recent in-person client sent me this after gifting her boyfriend with a session: "I just wanted to thank you again for the healing you performed for my boyfriend this past friday. He is handling his current conflicts and problems very well, and has told me he feels much happier, and I can definitely see a difference. I could even feel the positivity radiating from him when he got home that night." 

I just wanted to thank you again for the healing you performed for my boyfriend this past friday. He is handling his current conflicts and problems very well, and has told me he feels much happier, and I can definitely see a difference. I could even feel the positivity radiating from him when he got home that night.